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Sheffield Miniatures
Lee Smithso

Now producing Ex JG Miniatures Models 1/30th to 1/32 Scale

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About Sheffield Miniatures


Sheffield Miniatures was established in 2016. I have slowly developed the business and now stock small independent local shops, display my miniatures in local pubs, cafes and other businesses.  

I create bespoke miniatures of a wide variety of buildings and landscapes. I liaise with my clients regarding creating bespoke miniatures in a scale to suit their needs and preferences. 

I use a variety of materials such as wood, clay, plastic and metals to create detailed miniatures, typically of buildings.

Popular display options for the miniatures are box frames (which can be displayed easily at home) and perspex display cubes (which offer more detail).

My most popular commissions are pubs, shops and private homes. Often the commissions I receive are for gifts for special occasions, for example, wedding, anniversary, birthday or retirement gifts of special or memorable places. I am sensitive to the requirements of the customer and I appreciate the unique sentimental value my work often creates for customers (or the recipient of the gift). 


I can generally work from good photos of the buildings which means I can usually build a miniature of a building without having to visit it in person. I have created bespoke miniatures of buildings from all over the UK and also further afield, including New Zealand and Canada.

I carefully co-design the miniatures with customers and liaise closely with customers regarding their preferences for packaging and delivery, doing all I can to ensure your item arrives in one piece!

I have recently completed commissions for museum displays and for a media company filming campaign.  

As I am also an electronics engineer, I am happy to add details such as lighting,  flowing water and mechanical movement if required and if it is feasible. Lighting also adds another level of realism and detail to a miniature. 

Unique miniature commissions I have recently completed include, a cherished family narrow-boat, a fairground ride, an RAF patrol boat, Allotments, an arborist work site and a fully working miniature of a grinding workshop called Shepherd wheel. 

I am passionate about making my miniatures as realistic as possible and taking time to focus on the details in order to get the best results for my customers. 

Please also be aware that all my miniatures are made to order and it does take a while for me to get them completed. 

Please feel free to contact me through the website, via email at or on whatsapp to the mobile number listed in the contact page. 




Below are 2 clips to show my motorised fully working miniatures, one of the Shepherd Wheel Grinding workshop and the other of Kelham Islands Don engine.

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Sheffield Miniatures 


Lee Smithson 


Call,  Message  or Whatsapp  me on : 07539071399

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