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About Sheffield Miniatures

Sheffield Miniatures is just myself, Lee Smithson. 

I build bespoke miniatures of anything at all in any scale that best suits.

I use a variety of materials such as wood, clay, plastic and metals to create detailed miniatures, typically of buildings.

Most of my miniatures are built to fit in to a box frame and therefore much easier to display at home than complete miniatures. 

My most common requests are  pubs, shops and private homes for either the customer themselves of as a gift. I can generally work from good photos of the buildings which means i can usually build a miniature of a building without having to visit it in person which in turn means i can build a miniature of any building in the world. 

As i am also an electronics engineer i am happy to add details such as lighting if required and if it is feasible. Lighting also adds another level of realism to a miniature. 




Contact Information

Lee Smithson


Mobile : 07539071399